Before a Rabbit is exhibited it must go through a course of preparation. This is not an elaborate thing, but something that the veriest novice can accomplish. Feeding does the spade work, whilst grooming and training put on the finishing touches. Don’t run away with the idea that feeding and grooming will make a moderate specimen into a tip-top show rabbit. It will not! Grooming does not add quality, but it does show quality to the greatest advantage. read more…

Rabbit Myths

A rabbit’s favourite food is carrots. Actually, most rabbits much prefer fruits such as apples or pears. Rabbits have a very well-defined sweet tooth, so anything sugary is usually their favourite treat.

Rabbits are rodents. Rabbits are in the orderLagamorphs, and the only other animals in their family are hares and a small animal called a pika. The full classification is Kingdom (Animalia: Animal), Phylum (Chordata: Having a spinal chord), Class (Mammalia: Mammal), Order (Lagomorpha), Family (Leporidea), Genus (Oryctologus), Species (cuniculus). read more…

What Is Your Rabbit Saying?

Grinding Teeth: A rabbit that is gently grinding its teeth is telling you it is happy. They generally grind when you are doing something they like, such as petting them. Grinding of the teeth and a hunched over posture generally mean the rabbit is in pain, though. read more…

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